Whatsapp Bulk Sender
INR 4999/Year

Whatsapp Bulk Sender

OS : Win 7, Win 8 and Win 10
Requirements : Internet Connection
Publisher : LeadEngine
Support : 24x7 Software Support & Automatic Updates
  • Whatsapp Bulk Sender tool can send bulk whatsapp messages for marketing purpose.
  • Tool can send whatsapp messages in bulk to numerous recipients.
  • Users can send whatsapp messages to thousands of recipients in one click.
  • Users can dump whatsapp messages already saved in excel or TXT file and can send whatsapp messages to them.
  • It is the fastest tool to send 1000's of whatsapp messages in some minute.
  • The software has options to send personalized whatsapp messages to some selected persons.
  • User can save the content of mail for his/her future use also.
  • The software provides a detailed log sheet with the report of sent & failed whatsapp messages.
  • User can send whatsapp messages to a particular group also.
  • The software is best for the organizations that do online business.
  • This software is able to send DOC,IMAGES,VIDEOS and all supported files.
  • This software is the FASTEST Software available on internet.
  • Software can UPDATE automatically, which helps you to getting new features.
  • Unlimited whatsapp messages sending no limitation.
  • Multithreaded process for faster sending.
  • Automatic updates with new features and settings instantly.
  • The software has options to START - PAUSE - STOP in running mode.